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A Perfect Birthday Present for a 13 year old Horse Lover!

"It was a wonderful birthday experience for my 13 year old daughter - photos with her ponies - leaving us with beautiful framed lasting memories".

Back in early 2020 Ella's mum Claire bought her daughter an equine photoshoot with me for her upcoming 13th birthday. Ella had her beloved palomino Zac as well as coloured cob Sam who she was starting to ride more and more.

Unfortunately the shoot had to be put back from early in the Spring due to lockdown but we went ahead as soon as we could in the summer.

Before the shoot we had chatted about locations, weather, clothing choices, products they were interested in, the horses' characters, the other horses, dogs and siblings they had and wanted to include in a few shots and what would happen on the day.

Ella had chosen a number of outfit choices which we went through when I arrived and she also showed me around their grounds so we could plan which locations and which horse we would use and any ideas she had. They had an amazing scuplture at the back of their house which we just had to use as well as a beautiful tree lined driveway where we started shooting.

Ella showed she had a real bond with both of her horses and I just loved being able to capture that in the images for her. Ella said that it was "an amazing experience and so much fun".

After guiding them through the viewing process Ella now has a beautiful set of framed images in her room to treasure and mum Claire choose some framed images of her horses and family with their dogs too. Claire said afterwards what a perfect present idea it was and she would "highly recommend Louise, she has a relaxed, professional but patient approach and a fabulous eye which is expressed in great ideas".

Thank you for the kind words Claire and Ella and it was such a pleasure!

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