• Louise Clarke

"I'm worried my horse will misbehave!"

This is another thing I hear from clients when they chat to me about booking their shoot and my top tip is don't worry and just keep calm.

Let's face it most of us get fidgety if we stand around too long. We get bored and start looking and feeling disinterested.

Which is why you should book a photographer like me who is used to horses as I will keep things moving constantly during a shoot and I will know if a horse has had enough and needs to move on.

When I arrive at your yard or property I will spend some time looking around for locations. I always discuss these with my clients too in case there are particular areas they know won't suit their horse for whatever reason.

Generally in a session I will shoot in around 5-6 locations and in each location will be a number of different poses directly fully by me. So the aim is that your horse won't have time to get bored or fidget.

Over the years I've had horses who refuse to stand somewhere they are normally ok with, horses that refuse to put their ears forward for more than a split second and horses who decide they'd rather munch on the tasty grass just over there than pose for a photo to name a few.

And I've managed to get stunning images still...every time!

I have a number of tricks to get the most laid back horse's attention including squeaky dog toys, crisp packets and usually we'll have an assistant to jump around and generally make an idiot of themselves!

But at the end of the day if your horse still fidgets or misbehaves that's ok, I'm fine with that and I'm really a very patient person! And it only takes a second for me to get "the shot".

So what should you do again?

Try not to focus on whether your horse is performing ok, just enjoy yourself and I will get the shots that you want and the images that you will want to keep forever.


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