• Louise Clarke

Why You Should Have an Equine Photoshoot

This is something I feel really strongly about and not just because I'm a photographer and I love horses!

So why should you have a photoshoot with me?

In a nutshell it's all about the memories...preserving them, sharing them, framing them and having fun making them!

I know from looking back at my family photo albums how quickly time passes. It's so easy to say "Oh I'll remember this moment forever" or "Yes I must have some photos taken soon" but the reality is we don't always remember and sadly we sometimes leave things until it's too late.

My walls are adorned with plenty of beautiful framed images of my family and my dog and they make me smile everyday. I also have a large number of photo albums that get picked up on a fairly regular basis and an online photo album that is full of over 50,000 images that I keep organised and regularly print from.

I just love photographs and I realise just how precious these memories really are. Nothing can preserve those memories and transport you back to an instant in time like a photograph.

Most people also want to share their relationships and memories and nothing can do that quite like a professional photograph. Selfies and mobile phone images are great but they won't beat a beautifully composed and captured professional shot that you can share online on your social media and enjoy in a framed print on your walls.

If you've ever tried to print and frame a large image from a mobile phone you'll see the difference in quality instantly as well. They just don't have the same impact. A beautifully shot image can be framed and enjoyed everyday.

And finally having a photoshoot is fun! I haven't had a single photoshoot my clients haven't clearly enjoyed and I'm pretty sure most horses love being the centre of attention too! So what are you waiting for?


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